Jun 14 2013

Well, we’re half way through this year already and we’ve tried out quite a few of the latest trends (and fads) in web design for 2013. Some we like, some we loathe and some we absolutely love! Here’s a list of 5 we just had to share with you. 1. Mobile Responsive Layouts Definitely a

Feb 6 2013

As you perform the following SEO tasks, check them off this list. Extensive keyword research Extensive competitor analysis (view source, SEO tool) Selection of local (dominant) keyword phrases Selection of main page keywords Selection of secondary, low competition keywords Creation of high quality content Inserting keywords accurately in quality content Optimizing page title tags Optimizing

Feb 6 2013

Website Promotion SEO

Promoting your website online is super easy and today more than ever businesses are looking to save money. Stop wasting your money on expensive online marketing campaigns when its super easy to do most of your online promotion by yourself for free. At Travistio we use a lot of these practices to help our own

Feb 3 2013

To sweeten your SEO campaign, here are 10 tricks to get you ranking—fast! 1. Be a Unique Personality Social writing on the Internet is all about being an attractive personality. Don’t fall for the old dry, boring text nonsense. Wake up your inner story teller! 2. The SERPS Matter Research the search engine results pages

Feb 1 2013

Imagine if you only needed to submit your site once to get thousands of inbound links to it. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? This is the basic premise involved in submitting your website link to a directory submission website. These websites will list your link on their entire network of directories, sometimes for free, or

Jan 29 2013

It is a common mistake to overlook the importance of the ‘secondary’ design features on your website. But these are perhaps the most crucial if you want a successful end design. Content is a single term for ‘media’ or text, images, slideshows, videos, and podcasts. It doesn’t only mean copy! Using content appropriately in design

Jan 12 2013

SEO and social belong together for a number of reasons. You can’t have a great SEO strategy online without including social marketing in your campaign. In fact, the two are irrevocably entwined, feeding into each other all the time. When your business has a social presence on social networking sites, it expands your content networks.

Jan 12 2013

There’s an unspoken rule that hangs around SEO companies, and it’s one to be taken very seriously by the novice SEO marketer. It’s called the three month rule. It applies to many parts of your SEO campaign and holds universal truths throughout. First of all, if you’ve been working on SEO tactics daily and they’re