Feb 3 2013

To sweeten your SEO campaign, here are 10 tricks to get you ranking—fast!

1. Be a Unique Personality
Social writing on the Internet is all about being an attractive personality. Don’t fall for the old dry, boring text nonsense. Wake up your inner story teller!

2. The SERPS Matter
Research the search engine results pages (SERPS), and take note of all the different content it ranks. Mix and match content to find the best balance.

3. Keyword Absolutely Everything
All text should be keyword content, without exception. Yes, that includes your comments, replies, suggestions, questions, and general content.

4. Focus on Bounce Rates
To increase your conversion rates fast, take note of the bounce rate stats. They indicate what content works and what doesn’t. Change it immediately!

5. SEO is Tied to Everything Else
Any strategy on the Internet requires SEO. Whether you’re content marketing, article marketing, online marketing, searching, shopping, buying, or selling—all of it.

6. Start Now Because Age Matters
The age of your site matters to Google, so start your SEO right now. Even if your site isn’t finished yet, you can begin planning your off-page SEO. The sooner, the better.

7. Avoid the Google Sandbox
Don’t build 1,000 links every month. Start slowly, and build links gradually from high quality websites. Google is suspicious of loads of initial links.

8. Get an RSS Feed on Your Blog
When you get an RSS feed, you have a greater chance of receiving long term readers and many more backlinks. It’s straight to their e-mail inbox.

9. Observe Link Changes
Funnily enough, and are considered two different links by Google. Be consistent when you link to your own site.

10. Images Are Link Gold
Use images and infographics to source inbound links to your website. They’re really hot right now, with sites like Pinterest taking off!

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