Feb 6 2013

As you perform the following SEO tasks, check them off this list.

  1. Extensive keyword research
  2. Extensive competitor analysis (view source, SEO tool)
  3. Selection of local (dominant) keyword phrases
  4. Selection of main page keywords
  5. Selection of secondary, low competition keywords
  6. Creation of high quality content
  7. Inserting keywords accurately in quality content
  8. Optimizing page title tags
  9. Optimizing page descriptions
  10. Optimizing page keywords
  11. Optimizing video, image, and multimedia content
  12. Check if your site is crawler friendly
  13. Check your content and meta data for duplicates
  14. Check your keyword density (2%)
  15. Check that your code has no errors
  16. Optimize your links
  17. Create a html sitemap for search engine submission
  18. Implement your blog strategy
  19. Create at least 15 SEO link bait blog posts
  20. Implement link exchange program
  21. Create 20 backlinks to your site
  22. Submit business details to directories
  23. Promote your blog posts on social networks
  24. Submit blog posts on social bookmarking sites
  25. Create 20 articles for article marketing
  26. Create press releases for mass syndication
  27. Create SEO adverts across ad networks
  28. Check Google Analytics and other analytics data
  29. Track your links and optimize
  30. Update SEO every three months

Use this checklist every time you create and publish a new website. If you implement all of these features, then your SEO campaign is guaranteed to be successful. Take note of the features that aren’t on this list as well. Things like building your e-mail list are very important to the sales goals of your website.

If you find more aspects to add to this list, please add them. Every SEO campaign is different, according to your niche business needs. If you find no use in article marketing, for example, you can leave it out. It’s all up to you!

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