Social Media

Social Media sites are used by everyone. They also happen to be an easy cost-effective way to reach a huge new customer base and further the name and reputation of your business. In the modern age, word of mouth is now ‘liking’, ‘tweeting’ and ‘+1-ing’ so why not take full advantage of the social phenomenon and let us create a social media branding for you!

Account Set-Up

We can create multiple social media profiles for your business, teach you how to update them yourself and link them all together. With this package, you only have to update one site and they all get updated (with the same message) automatically. Fantastic for promoting sales and events with very little effort.

Design Customisation

Stand out from your competitors and get your social media profiles completely branded to your business. We offer 3 designs to choose from. With a constant theme to all your sites, brand trust from customers can really shine through.


Let us take the time and effort out of social media for you. Not every company has an hour free each day to update all of their online resources. So here at Travistio, we are offering to do it for you! We will update your Facebook and Twitter for you, every day, with fresh, new content. This includes a well-researched and uniquely written post. Subscribe to this service for €99 a month, or broken down – €1 a post!

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